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On behalf of the Trustees, all the Fen Bank Team and of course our fantastic Greyhounds a huge “Thank You” to our own Annette Tupling for successfully competing in and completing the Manchester 10K run.

Annette who, as you may well know, is the manager of the Alford shop somehow found time in her busy schedule to train for this prestigious event. However just a couple of days before the run was due to start Annette was struck down by a very nasty throat and chest infection. Not wanting to let the greyhounds down Annette despite feeling under the weather, although she wouldn’t admit it, still made it to the starting line and finished in the very creditable time of 1 hour 38 minutes and including the Gift Aid to be claimed raised the fantastic sum of £404.50 to support the greyhounds.

So once again many thanks Annette, and maybe the London Marathon next year…….?

Annette’s recollections of the day are as follows:-

annette tupling

“The morning of my challenge I got dropped off in Manchester city entre feeling very nervous and excited in equal measures as to what lay before me. The sun was shining and all sorts of people, each with their number and what charity they were supporting were milling around in the square. The atmosphere was electric as we headed up to where the start line was. The group two before me had just had their warm up and were all cheering before they set off. The next group was the one my son was running in. They had their warm up and it took 11 minutes for the whole group to pass the start line. Now it was my turn to gather with the rest of the pink numbers. As more and more people gathered it felt quite nerve racking. We had our warm up then started to move towards the start line. It felt like forever before you went through the gate, then the realisation hit. This was it I was running the 10k! People were cheering and clapping. As we set off, what had been a sunny day turned to rain but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Everyone had a reason for running. I remember seeing the 1k sign and thinking 9 to go, but before I knew it I was half way, then I was passing Old Trafford football ground and on the way to the finish line. All the time as you are running people are shouting encouragement and music is playing from brass bands to Caribbean oil drums each urging you towards the finish. Before I knew it the sign was I front of me saying 400 metres, then 200 metres then that final 100 metres and as I crossed the finish line a sense of joy swept over me. I spotted my husband and son in the crowd, smiles from ear to ear on their faces. I’d done it, 10k in 1 hr 38 minutes! What an achievement for myself for doing a run like this for the first time but even more amazing is to have raised money for the Greyhounds and the support people have given by sponsoring me and for that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.” Annette xxxxx