Dear FenBank


We hope that you are all well and re-homing lots of lovely greyhoundsJ


We have had Tom nearly four months now and our thoughts turned to evaluating how he has settled in. It is only when we started to consider his funny little habits and ways that it suddenly dawned on us that rather that settling into a routine in his new home, Tom has skilfully manipulated us and his Dog Walkers onto his familiar Fenbank schedule. Allow me to present the evidence:


·         Grumpy if woken up before 8am

·         Excited to go out for a morning walk

·         Absolutely LOVES his crate

·         Expects a treat when he returns from his walk

·         Sleeps the rest of the day – all 23 ½ hours of it

·         Occasionally opens his eyes and acknowledges his Dog Walkers if (1) they have food or (2) he wants to pop out to the garden


The most frequent description that we hear of Tom (other than he is lovely), is ‘he’s a character’!!!! When we hear those words we have learnt that it is best to just smile and not ask for any further informationJ Dan maintains that Tom is not naughty but ‘cheeky – hmmm is all I will say to that one!


Tom has recently been diagnosed with arthritis in his hips and is on a daily dose of pain relief together with ‘Yumove’  supplement  which seem to be helping although we think he plays on it sometimes and even has his morning Dog Walker giving him massages.


We had a long weekend at Disneyland Paris a few weeks ago and Tom went to Canada Farm Holiday Home for Dogs. We visited the kennel last year as we were planning a stay for Snoopy. It is really small and ‘select’  – so much so that Tom (we kid you not!) had a spa treatment whilst he was there!!!  He had a hydro massage which supposedly is good for his arthritic hips, followed by a grooming session and he had his nails done. When we arrived to collect Tom we were watching him through the fence before he saw us and it was lovely to see him running around looking so happy – dare I say it, happier than what he was to see us!!!  I guess he thinks that the bar has been set pretty high in the outside world and that we are not quite measuring up now.


Dan has been busy supporting FenBank through the easyfunding website and actually punched the air with pride when he made the Top 5 (he thinks that raising money for Fenbank is a great excuse for spending more on Amazon! Hmmm!!!). His latest purchase was a thunder jacket for Tom  – which due to his greyhound shape has had to be customised with additional Velcro, not really sure what Tom makes of it but wearing it gets him a treat so it is a win win situation for him.


We hope to see you sometime over the summer – no problem getting Tom in the car, he absolutely loves it, small problem getting him out the other end. The highlight of his week is the drive to the supermarket every Saturday followed by an hour’s sleep with Dan reading his book whilst I shop. He’s a character!


Take care

Michelle, Tom (and Dan)