Abandoned Spaniel – Update

carly2We have just received a letter of thanks from the kind lady who has adopted the spaniel, which we called Carly, who was abandoned with her puppies, all of whom sadly died, just over a month ago.  She writes:-

“I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who had little Carly in their thoughts. Please be rest assured that she will never, ever be neglected, abused or exploited again. She has a home for life now. She has been given a new name to go with her new start and is gradually settling into life as a family pet. She’s adores the comfort of sleeping on the bed with me at night and is blissful when I brush her beautiful hair that is now groomed and clean. She has made many new friends and her socialisation is coming along well. I look forward to taking her on holidays and days out, seeing her play on the beach and going for walks with her doggy friends. I’ve been involved with her from the start and it’s been a huge, emotional roller coaster for the both of us but seeing her blossoming is amazing! Last June I said goodbye to a little dog who was my soul mate and my world and I feel we have been brought together as we can help each other heal, and we certainly are. Thank you to those who have donated to Fen Bank in her name and also to the person who sent the lovely fleece blanket for her. Your kindness has truly touched me, as has all the support this little dog received. She touched the lives of so many so please let us learn from her plight…ADOPT DON’T SHOP! There are thousands of little dogs dying in the UK every year for the simple reason that too many puppies are being born and we are overpopulated. Give a rescue pet a second chance, you won’t regret it.”