Most members of our 50-50 club subscribe by making monthly payments by Standing Order to our bank account with Nationwide Building Society.

Nationwide Building Society have recently notified us that they are  not in future going to provide current accounts for businesses and  that they will be closing our account with them on 27 August 2022.   Any payments coming into the account from that date will be returned  to the sender.

To continue with the lottery therefore we need to ask you to set up a  new standing order to send the monthly payment to our account with  HSBC Bank.  There are a couple of ways to do this :-

1.        If you manage your bank account on line, you can do it  through your internet banking account.  You will need to cancel the  existing standing order to Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary and set up a  new one using the account details shown below.  It  would be appreciated if you will let us know that you have done this  by email to admin@fenbankgreyhounds.co.uk

Our bank details for the Standing Order are
HSBC Bank      Sort Code   40-42-05    Account Number 41443224
Account Name   Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary

Reference    50-50 Club

2.        If internet banking is not for you, then you can download an  updated 50-50 club application form from the Forms page of this website.  Just print it off,  complete the details and post it back to us and we will do the rest.
If you do not have the facility to print the form, we will be happy to  send you one in the post.  Just let us know you require a form, either  by post or email or you can telephone the 50-50 club organiser, Graham  Crick on 01525 838359 or the promoter on 01205 361606.

We do hope that you will continue your membership of the 50-50 club.   Of course, if you would like to take this opportunity to increase the  number of lines you subscribe to, we would be delighted.  Costs are  forever increasing and the need to raise funds to continue caring for  the dogs gets ever greater.
Thank you for your support.