A morning visit from Andy (and Paul)

Andy has been out and about again, making new friends, and also almost eating his own body weight in custard creams (!), during a recent visit to the Cleethorpes branch of the “Friendship at Home” group. A very pleasant morning was spent spreading the word about the work of Fen Bank and promoting our fantastic hounds.

You may be aware that Paul Bryan, the Vice Chair of the Trustees of Fen Bank has a Fen Bank greyhound called Andy. Andy is frequently invited to visit local organisations where he spreads the word on what wonderful pets Greyhounds are. Paul gets invited along as well (he has to drive the car there – Andy can’t reach the pedals on his own) and Paul gives talks about Greyhounds and highlights the excellent work done by the staff at Fen Bank.

Andy is always a hit at these gatherings (so is Paul if we are honest) and between them they do wonderful work in raising peoples’ awareness of this wonderful breed.