Born: 18th July 2008Alice arrived at Fen Bank over two years ago blank and emotionless. During her time here she has proved to be a playful, humorous and sometimes mischievous young dog. She loves being outside in sunny weather wearing her high factor sun cream. Alice would benefit from an experienced greyhound owner who can give her the time she needs to develop into an unforgettable dog. Are you the one to give your all for this beautiful girl and let her experience a home life she truly deserves?
Volunteer’s View from Janice: Jan and I have walked Alice quite a few times and she is now responding to her name and nuzzling you as you walk, which she didn’t do some weeks ago.  Even when you go to her in the kennel and call her name she comes to you for a stroke and fuss.  She really seems to be coming out of herself and loves to be stroked.