New kennels

The work towards the new kennel project had a great boost during the summer. We had initially applied for a grant from the charity “Support Adoption for Pets” which involved producing a short video of the work we do at the Sanctuary and why a grant was needed. Although we were unsuccessful in gaining one of the ten £50,000 grants the trustees of SAFP were so impressed with what we had achieved so far that they awarded us £25,000 to complete the new kennel project!

The base had already been laid at the same time the new roadway was completed and also planning consent was granted. Therefore the order was placed with Designer Kennels and after a short wait the new kennels were duly erected at the end of October.

The next stage is to have the kennels tiled, underfloor heated mats installed, the electrical systems put in place and the integrated food preparation room and kitchen fitted out.

Still plenty of work to do but we are all determined to move our guests out of the old stable block and into their 5* accommodation before Christmas.

kennels-1  kennels-2

How it was after demolition of the old kennels and the plan of the new build:

kbp_nk1  kbp_nk2

The concrete base ready for installation of the new build.

service road july 2014   kennels 1 july 2014