Trotty and Mikey dodge the rain

Even when we collected Trotty and Mikey for their walk, rain was in the air. We’d barely done a few hundred metres along the sea wall at Sea Lane when it came down. Whereas Mikey had leapt into the boot at Fen Bank, taking refuge from the rain in the car wasn’t at the top of his list of priorities.  Trotty agreed – better to stand in the rain at the end of an unacceptably short walk.  No complaints at getting lifted in, though.

John2 Lois

By the time we’d turned into Spilsby Road at New Leake the rain had stopped. Not for long, though.  This had turned into an even shorter walk.  But it had been fun – so much more to see and smell than at Sea Lane.  Still, happy to be lifted back into the boot.

Third time lucky.  The walk along Clough’s Lane to Firsby was a sunny one. Trotty stared disbelievingly at some cattle about ten metres away, both parties safely behind a fence. Of no interest to Mikey.  He did spot a cat on the walk back to the car, but did not lose control.  He was, as can be expected, very interested.  Both were slightly more relaxed than in June at the Friskney show, where, admittedly, there was a lot more going on.  All in all, though, they were just the same two adorable dogs – this time enjoying a multi-legged (npi) tour of the local area.

Two friendly, well behaved dogs that are great to walk.  We enjoyed ourselves as much as they did.

John and Lois

13 July 2015

Our thanks as ever to our good friends John and Lois who always come and take some kennel dogs for a day out when they visit Lincolnshire. The dogs always enjoy their time with them and we are most grateful for their support.