immingham wiJust before last Christmas “Peter” the Greyhound gave one of his talks to the Immingham branch of the WI. The ladies were very interested in the work we do at the Sanctuary and, despite being over 50 miles away from Friskney, readily accepted our invitation to visit during the summer when the weather would be warm and dry.

So arrangements were duly made that on Tuesday 28th June we would host a gathering of ladies from Immingham WI.  A tour through all the kennels, walking a greyhound each around the paddocks followed by tea and cake (a WI tradition both Peter and myself enjoy) in our newly refurbished “Tony’s Corner” was planned.

What could possibly go wrong?  Well the one thing we could not control…..The British Weather!   Heavy and persistent rain throughout the day had turned the paddocks into a soggy morass, so much for the team’s efforts in cutting the grass.  Likewise the temperature plummeted and a cold and wet evening was looking certain.

The expected phone call asking to cancel and rearrange did not happen and a stalwart group of WI ladies arrived, all kitted out in stout shoes or wellies and carrying large umbrellas.  The Dunkirk spirit in action!

We all gathered in the Wendy house and the group were reunited with Peter, and also introduced to Mick and Debbie.  A brief chat about current work at the Sanctuary and we then toured the kennel blocks.  Of course the greyhounds behaved impeccably and immediately won the hearts of all our guests.

The evening was rounded off by refreshments in the Wendy house.  The overwhelming view from the group was how clean the kennel and facilities were and also the excellent condition of the greyhounds.  Very generous donations were given by the ladies and also several purchases of our Fen Bank merchandise were made.

Thank you to all the team at the Sanctuary for their work before and during the visit, to Judith and Sue for providing the refreshments and Mary for the cakes.

And last but not least thank you to our fantastic Fen Bank greyhounds who as always showed what wonderful dogs they are.

P Bryan


As a result of a throw away remark to the ladies of the Immingham WI that “Peter” was happy to give one of his greyhound talks even at very short notice we were contacted by the “Madame Marmalade’s” WI asking if it was possible to visit them in a couple of days time as their booked speaker had unfortunately had to cancel.