Hot Weather

Summer is here and it looks like being a hot one again.

Please remember to keep your hound out of the heat and not walk them on hot pavements. Heat exhaustion in dogs happens fast. Try to walk your hound early am and either late pm or even avoid a second walk, especially if pavements are still hot.

If your hound insists on lying in the sun, despite shade being provided, then keep your hound indoors for their own protection. Cool coats and cooling bandanas are all well and good, but are not a green light to let your hound go out in the strong sun.

Hounds need steady temperatures, so if having to travel with your hound, please ensure you are travelling when it is cooler, avoiding the midday sun and using your air-conditioning (not open windows) to keep a hound’s temperature constant, rather than absorbing heat and then struggling to get back to a comfortable temperature.

Paddling pools are helpful towards cooling a hound after a walk, if you can get them to stand in it with all four paws for a few minutes, as cooling the feet helps bring the temperature down.

So, as the heat wave draws near and the weather hots up, enjoy the sun, but please do keep your hound cool, quiet and rested.