ALFIE  Dob 01/09/11

This handsome lad is beautifully marked with angel kisses. Alfie is a truly good natured dog, good with children and other dogs.  Unfortunately Alfie is frightened of the kennel shutters which means he has had to be accommodated in a single kennel with a stable door. Sadly this means Alfie cannot be with a partner which he longs for.

Update on Alfie.  This beautiful affectionate boy has over come his fear of the shutters and is now happy with his kennel partner.  He has had a few trips out in public and has proven to be brilliant on the lead and very sociable.  Alfie just loves to be with other dogs  so would be ideal for a multi dog family where he can chill out with his doggy chums.  Have you the home to make Alfie’s dreams come true ?