BRUCE (22 August 2003 to 17 April 2015)

When Bruce arrived at Fen Bank late in 2007 he was limping on his right front leg. The trainer said it was a racing injury that would heal quickly with rest.  As there was no improvement over the next week he was taken for an X-ray which revealed a broken wrist and the only remedybruce was to fit a plate.

This was done at great expense but thanks to the sterling fundraising efforts of the volunteers, shop and kennel staff the cost was soon recovered. While sharing a glass of Christmas cheer with Sandra she mentioned that Bruce needed constant cage care for six weeks and this was proving difficult to manage at the kennels. After another couple of glasses Pauline offered our services and Bruce and his cage joined our gang of Greyhounds. Six weeks went on to eight, of course by then nobody was going to be good enough for “our Brucie” and the rest is history. He stayed with us for the next seven and a half years. He settled in well and soon became one of the most affectionate Greyhounds we have met.

Bruce led a normal happy active life but towards the end he suffered from Laryngeal paralysis, this affected his breathing and sadly his quality of life declined and the difficult decision had to be made. Bruce and his funny little ways, the casual wave of a front paw hoping for another tummy tickle, the cold nose under the bed sheets in the morning telling us it was time to get up and the close harmony singing with the telephone when it rang will be greatly missed.