carly 2

Carly – 3rd October 2002 to 20th November 2013

It is with very heavy hearts that we have to inform you of the loss of our beautiful Carly.

It was love at first sight, the minute Rosemarie and Carly saw each other I knew she would be coming home with us; I was not sure at first but she soon won me over (Carly that is). We hadn’t had a dog in the house for several years, we knew the pain of losing a beloved pet. When Carly came to live with us she took over everything including our hearts, she was a permanent ray of sunshine and box of tricks rolled into one, when it was time to go walkies she would push my leg as if to say come on dad lets get out there, but when Rosemarie and I came in from a night out she only wanted fuss from mam, in Carly’s eyes mam was no.1 and dad was no.2 which to be honest made me a bit jealous, I suspect she knew that and played up to mam even more. She was 3 years old when we adopted her and 11 when we lost her, the happiness Carly brought into our lives will live with us until we meet her again at Rainbow Bridge, Please wait for us our beloved Carly. Thank you Fen Bank

Rosemarie & Mel Elcock