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Girley – April 2001 to July 2011

Although Girley was only with us a short while, just 2 years, she made such an impact on our lives she will remain etched on our hearts forever.

Girley raced until she was 5 1/2 some 100+ races and in her retirement she still loved to run. The beach was her favourite place although she was never quite sure about the sea, she didn’t like getting her feet wet. Girley loved her toys and would always bring one to greet you when you returned home and when our Yorkie Sophie went completely blind last year Girley became her eyes watching out for her when out on our daily walks.

When meeting someone for the first time Girley was very shy but once she knew someone they always received an ecstatic welcome.

Last May she broke her hock whilst running in the paddock, we took her daily to Queens Veterinary College for 3 1/2 weeks as she did not like the board and lodgings on offer, the lady preferred her home comforts.

Her death was very sudden and unexpected but she did not suffer and is now running free with all her hound friends over the rainbow bridge.

Good Bye Girley until we meet again,

Heather, Keith and Sophie Preston