On 25 June 2017 we lost Kewell aged 12years  and we miss him so much.  He was the most gentle, gorgeous greyhound.   He used to treat people like Marmite.  He either loved you or he didn’t.  He could be so aloof which was funny and he used to act brave but he really wasn’t brave either bless him.  When he was at Fen Bank he was the greyhound who used to open his cage and walk around making all the other greyhounds bark.  They had to put a breeze block next to his cage door in the end to stop him.  He never lost the knack of opening doors little monkey.  The day we came to Fen Bank to rescue another greyhound he came over and stood on my foot and leaned into me.  He had chosen us.  It was a match made in heaven.  We had him for 10 years and he was our fur kid.  Heartbroken. 

Kind Regards

John and Angela Yare