Lottie – May 2002 to 28th December 2013

It’s with a very heavy heart I write to tell you of the passing of Lottie (also known as Dottie Lottie). She passed away on the 28th December 2013.  We are all missing her  terribly.

She was my shadow, following me everywhere that I went.  Milo misses her, as she was always kicking him off his bed.  Lottie will be remembered for being a thief; I can remember when I left the kitchen for only a minute after taking out of the oven 19 fairy cakes; upon my return there were only 3 left and a very happy Lottie! 

Becca can remember after bathing her she would shake from head to tail, just like a Mexican wave.

She had been a wonderful dog and we couldn’t have wished for a more loving girl. 

We will always hold her in our hearts and hope she is having fun chasing rabbits at the rainbow bridge.

The Taylor Family