03 May 2018

Dear Mick and all at Fen Bank Greyhound Rescue

Please find attached a photo of our wonderful Missy.

We are still absolutely devastated at having to make that final decision with regard to Missy. She was such a wonderful dog who we loved so much. We now have her ashes which we would like to scatter in our garden.

I will never forget the first time I saw Missy, she looked to sad and those big brown eyes had me hooked.  She was so nervous and we had to have a double harness on her as she would try to bolt in any direction if she just even heard me click my fingers. We used to walk up and down our local high street, just for 10 minutes every day until she got used to people and the different noises associated with a busy town. After a while she got completely used to the hustle and bustle and would walk up and down like she owned the place, not only in Stamford, but wherever we took her.

Her character had certainly developed into a confident lady who loved people (especially if they carried treats in their pocket – but only if they were the expensive kind – she wasn’t prepared to accept the cheap rubbish!!!) She loved the sunshine and would take herself off into the garden and lay in her special spot whenever the sun was shining. She hated the rain and flatly refused to go out for a walk if there was any chance that it was about to rain. Off she would go into the garden and smell the air, then come back and take herself to bed. Albert would then only take Seamus for a walk and sure as eggs were eggs it would start to rain and they would come back soaked. But not our Missy, she was a wise old girl.

My everlasting memory will be of Albert holding Missy in his arms and talking to her in a soothing manner telling her she was going to be alright and it would be over soon when she was having her fits.   I will also always remember how much she loved a cuddle. I would put my arms right round her neck and she would allow me to cuddle her and hug her and she would snuggle up to me and lean on me.  She had complete trust in us and knew we would never let any harm come to her.


I am also attaching the wording on a card I received from our vet Rachel. Rachel had looked after Missy during the 7 years we had her and had become very attached to her, as had Missy become attached to Rachel. I think that the words are a testament to how special Missy was.

Thank you for allowing us to have the immense pleasure of looking after such a wonderful dog who will stay in our hearts forever.