Mr Flash

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Mr Flash passed away 25th May 2009

Although it is two years since Flash passed away, it seems fitting to include him now on the in memoriam page.

We had always had rottweilers at our home, but they preferred to be outside (allergy reactions to carpet) and had a purpose built home which they thrived in. But this left the house dogless and I had always wanted dogs to live indoors. I started searching for a rescue dog, as I am at home all day and wanted to give a home to a dog that may never get one. It was by chance that in our local vets I saw a small poster for a greyhound rescue called ‘Fen Bank’, top of the list of dogs was one that read ‘Flash, handsome big boy, seven years old’.

I rang Fen Bank the following day and arranged to go there at the weekend, when there I asked which dog was unlikely to get a home – it was Flash, who had been in the kennels for three years, he didn’t jump up and down, just stood dignified and quietly back. He came home with us!

He ‘clicked on’ very quickly he had found his forever home, and his very loving personality quickly came to the fore, every day was Christmas day – in that he appreciated everything and he brought us so much joy. After he had been with us six months we took another greyhound in called Sophie, who became his lifelong friend. Sadly after six and a half years together Flash collapsed and we rushed him to the vets, he had suffered renal failure, after days of hospitalisation and intravenous drips, his kidney readings came back down to normal, but could not eat anything. We brought him home to see if he would pick up even slightly, but after a couple of days he gave me the look that said ‘I’ve had a good life, but I’m ready to leave now ‘,so with his mum at his side, the vet put him to sleep. Flash left a legacy to us – it’s almost has if he were saying ‘go and get another greyhound to keep Sophie company, I won’t mind but go for the quiet one at the back, that can’t sell himself – I rang Fen Bank, sure enough there was such a dog – Max. Thank you Fen Bank for giving us the great privilege of having Mr. Flash in our lives. 

Jane Poxon