Posh Homed


Born: 2007  Homed

This little girl has a pretty face and friendly nature, especially to people. She is a very independent girl who enjoys her own space. This compact girl makes up for her small size with a big personality. She can be grumpy around other dogs but nothing is meant by it.  She needs a confident owner who would help her to become more sociable.  Another lovely Fen Bank dog patiently waiting for her dream home where she can enjoy retirement.

Volunteers view from Amy: Posh was a little reluctant to get into the car initially but once we were on the move she settled well especially on the way back to the kennels she settled beautifully.  She also gave the other Fen Bank dog we took out room in the back and was happy to share the space in the car.

Whilst we were in town we saw a group of small yappy terriers and Posh was not impressed, she did look to stand her ground and gave a little whine at them so this needs bearing in mind. She had no problem with the calm and polite dogs that we encountered.