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Ratheas Fortune (Ralphy) –  20th November 2004 to 3rd spetember 2011

It was three months since we had lost our previous greyhound, Barney, with a stomach tumour and one cold, snowy February morning we decided to visit Fen Bank.  As we strolled around the kennels we saw this beautiful brindle dog stretched out on the bed, forcing his kennelmate to sleep on the floor.  It was love at first sight and we decided we would like to adopt him.  A few days later he came for his home visit and settled down to sleep almost immediately, as if he knew this was where he was going to live. 

He was the most wonderful companion and we enjoyed every moment of having him.  He was the most affectionate of all our greyhounds, but also the most vocal – always barking to say goodnight and to greet you in the morning, or when you came home.  We will never forget the funny dance he used to do when you scratched his back.  He loved everyone and everything, and was never happier than playing with his toys. 

We were privileged to have him in our lives for the last 18 months and miss him so much.   We still had so many things to do together, and feel cheated that he was taken in such tragic circumstances at such a young age.  You have left a big hole in our hearts which is going to be very difficult to fill. 

Run free over the Rainbow Bridge with Tigger and Barney – what tales you will have to tell each other.  Sleep tight gorgeous boy.

Pat and Peter Mundy