2nd November 2006 – 15th September 2014

Rhys used to sit in his run at the end of the Stable Block surveying the scene, and I couldn’t help noticing him. When my beautiful Pedro sadly died he was the obvious choice to come home, which he did in December 2012. He was a happy character who loved a cuddle – on his terms, and as long as you gave him space. He fitted in really well with Ziggy and Katie, and then became great mates with Joney who he accepted with his big welcoming paws. Everything was going along just fine until we were staying at Fen Bank for a few days in September and he went off his food and started being sick. Initially we had no concerns, thinking it was just a tummy upset. However after a couple of days he was no better, and a trip to Elwood, Briggs and Turner resulted in a diagnosis of liver disease. He spent 4 days in Kirton, and despite their best efforts he succumbed to liver failure. Thank you to Alan, Maxine, Nigel and the nurses for the care they took and for their kindness to him and me. And thank you to Rhys for being a real star for two short but happy years.

Alan Hudson