Rob’s Lounge

With a generous donation from the Breacher Family, we now have a specific kennel for acclimatising dogs to a family home.  Volunteers gave their time to make this happen and as is seen by the photographs, they have done a great job.  It is divided into two small rooms, a lounge and a kitchen/diner.   With the help of our volunteers, dogs going to their forever homes can experience a taste of home life with all the new noises they will hear; i.e. radio, television, hoover, etc.

It is also a place where prospective new owners can spend time with their dog and build up trust, giving them lots of t.l.c. in a homely environment.

Comment by volunteer Jan Lilley –

“Can I just say that this generous donation has allowed our hounds and prospective owners to acclimatise our wonderful dogs to what is ‘a home’ which very few of them have experienced before. The work put in by volunteers has been wonderful and they should be congratulated. It allows prospective owners to see how the hound of their choice will react in a home, therefore, giving both the hound and new parent confidence in their choice. Many thanks go to the Breacher family and the volunteers who made it possible.” Jan Lilley (Volunteer)