almaALMA   Dob 15/06/12

Alma – this lively girl is full of fun.  She has a very distinctive look with a mohican running down the back of her neck.  Alma would suit a family with older children as she can be very jumpy when she sees a lead.  Although excitable at first, once out walking she is wonderful, happy to trot along checking out her surroundings.  Could this dainty, cheeky girl be the one to put a smile on your face?





Alma enjoying one to one time with Tyrone in Rob’s Lounge.





Hope those of you who receive Newshounds read part of my ‘Paws for Thought’ article on Alma – please make time to give this lovely girl a second look – don’t always judge a book by its cover, or in other words see what this lovely girl can be like when she is out of her kennel and walking with you. She is very in tune with humankind and would make someone a very loving hound if given the chance. Plea from the heart of Jan Lilley (Volunteer) and the Delightful Daisy