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Arrow – aka ‘Mr. Humble’ and Victor Meldrew – 4th January 1997 to 22nd August 2011

It’s a really sad day for me to have to say goodbye to my darling boy Arrow (Az). He was one of the house dogs at Fen Bank when I worked there back in 2003. He was friends with everyone and everything and we would quite often use him as a temporary kennel mate to help the newbies settle in at the sanctuary.I took him home to live with me on a temporary basis and that was 8 years ago! I already had Emma, another of the housedogs who was a nervous wreck where traffic and other dogs were concerned. She was literally frightened of her own shadow. The day I brought Arrow home Emma settled down overnight and came out of her shell. In fact she used to give him such a hard time nagging on his ear and winding him up but he took it all in his stride and they became like an old married couple.

I lost my partner Mike suddenly the following year and my beloved dogs were the reason I got up in the mornings. Arrow, Emma and I would spend our days up on the seabank; with them I never felt lonely and we became a little family unit just the three of us. Then three years later I tragically lost Emma and it was just the two of us for a while. When I moved in with my new partner John and his cat, Arrow never once attempted to touch him or his food (he probably would have liked to but he was too much of a humble lad)! Yes he was a true gentleman to the end, a fine example of what wonderful pets greyhounds are.

He had various health problems throughout his life but we managed to stay on top of them all until recently. Finally old age got the better of him and unfortunately his time had come to hand him back across rainbow bridge – his time on earth done. To my best buddy, guardian angel and doggie soulmate – you earned your place in heaven sweetheart, we love and miss you so much and were privileged to have you in our lives.Running free again with Emma

Sue (Card) & John