Hi to all friends at Fen Bank

This has been a roller coaster time for all of us emotionally as Bruce is so nervous at his new venture into a building called a house!!! There are positive aspects in that our dogs have been wonderful and tried to show him how it is and what happens. As soon as we move he takes himself off into another part of the house or garden but if you can corner him he does not mind being touched or groomed. Yesterday he ventured up the stairs to explore further and actually slept on a quilt outside our bedroom last night. Perhaps he does want to be near us !!! He is eating well and has a good appetite. He seems to want to be part of the scene but dare not let himself venture too near.

Five days later:

Bruce is adapting to our routine, eating well, enjoying our dogs’ company and the comfortable lifestyle. The big drawback has been the lack of commitment to us as he flees into the garden or another room when we arrive on the scene. The strategy of letting him decide where he wants to go is not working and so we have become more proactive and put him on a lead and brought him into our space and talked and stroked him. This seems to be a better ploy and sometimes he is coming up to us, although very nervously!! Something drastic must have happened to this dog to make him so afraid of humans. We must persevere in our efforts as we want to love and cuddle him.  Like several previous dogs he prefers drinking from the pond, rather than his clean water bowl (See Photo).

Best wishes,

Chris, Robin and Bruce

A few months later!

Hi Mick, Alan and all my friends at Fen Bank,

Easter greetings from Bruce xx

Bruce has settled down to be a very loving home dog who trusts Robin and I. He loves a cuddle and wants to be near us. After Christmas he decided he would come upstairs and sleep on a quilt in our bedroom like the rest of the dogs. Perhaps he does like us !! We think he is happy dog and enjoys his comfortable home life.As summer comes he has the option to be in the conservatory, the garden or wherever he wants. He still likes to drink out of the pond. He love his walks but obviously cannot be let off the lead like the others because recall is not in his vocabulary and he would kill a few small dogs on his itinerary. We have tried to solve this by having him on a long trainer lead on the Westwood and having a carabiner on his lead attached to the car when we open the back door so he cannot escape. We love our dogs to have freedom in the appropriate places. It has been a long haul but we have let Bruce set the agenda and it has paid off. He is still apprehensive about visitors, he seems to want to commit but often it is a step too far. 

We hope Fen Bank is thriving. There is always a welcome to you all to visit us.
Best wishes
Chris, Robin and Bruce