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Snowy – 1st March 2004 to 29th November 2013

It is with huge sadness that we wish to tell you of the death of our beloved Snowy.

She was our first greyhound and it was with some nervousness that we adopted her in August 2008, but we needn’t have worried. She was the most loving and giving dog that we could ever have imagined and brought joy into our lives beyond compare. She quickly found her place in the friendly dog community around here and was a treasure to all that knew her. Even when she was trying to show who could run the fastest of them all or when she had her nose stuck in someone’s pocket for treats! She’s been everywhere with us and she especially loved the beach where granny and granddad would treat her to her favourite ice cream.

Sadly in August of this year she broke her leg, and, what we thought was just a repair of a broken leg turned out to be an aggressive cancer that meant that our time together had to come to an end.

We miss her more than it is possible to explain, she was a treasured part of our lives and we shared so many happy times together. Her legacy is that we would not hesitate to have another greyhound, and we hope to give another beautiful lady a home some day soon.

With best regards
Mike and Laura Pritchard