Dorin Boyce continues to improve

Many of you will know Dorin Boyce who is one of our two Fen Bank patrons.

Dorin is 86 and owns and runs the Woodbourne Boarding and Rescue Kennels in St Philip, Barbados, in the Caribbean. 

Dorin has spent a lifetime looking after dogs, feeding or taking in strays and donating money widely to support animal welfare charities, including Fen Bank.

Late on the evening of Wednesday 6th September she was alone at home when she was attacked, severely beaten and robbed by intruders and as a result she suffered very serious injuries. She was admitted to hospital and we are very pleased to say that her condition has improved slowly but surely since then.

A subsequent police investigation in to the incident resulted in the arrest of three people who have been charged with numerous offences of theft and assault relating to the attack on Dorin. Of the three people, one (a man aged 29) was remanded in custody and two women aged 22 and 46 have been released on bail.

Towards the end of November Dorin was released from hospital and continues to recover. She was able to visit friends in UK before Christmas.

Her latest update in early January was that she is still slowly healing. She has some heavy scars but her hair is growing back.

Quite understandably she had some very unsavoury things to say about the people responsible for her attack despite her condition.

She is now going to take it easy and she says that 2024 is going to be a new beginning for her, much different from her old life of constant work and it will be strange trying to relax!!!

She would like to say “Happy New Year to all my friends in Barbados and beyond, your words of encouragement have meant so much to me”.

Thank you, Dorin, and may your recovery continue.

With best wishes from all of us at Fen Bank.