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Fergus passed away 20th July 2006

Dear Sandra,

I first came to Fen Bank with my father to re-home a greyhound, we decided to take Fergus, and you brought him to us at our home the next day. I would like to first of all thank you ever so much for letting me re-home him, i could not have wished for a better behaved or well mannered greyhound. Within 6 months of owning him, he tolerated all of our 5 cats they used to rub round his legs and he used to just sniff them then look at us as if to say should they be doing that to me?

He had an excellent character that used to get us all in giggles especially when he used to insist on wiping his mouth on the furniture or on your lap. and uncontrollably breaking wind when we had visitors, is was his way of saying he wanted peace and quiet he used to love his leather settee that was his bed from the first night he stayed.

It breaks my heart to inform you that we had to have Fergus put to sleep on Thursday (20th July) he had a lump on his left side, the vet last year said it was benign, it didn’t seem to bother him as he used to lay on it regularly, in the last 4 months he became very weak in his hind legs, also went very thin in the last 4 weeks, i went and spoke to the vet and asked him to come to our home to look at him, as I didn’t want to upset him by taking him to a strange environment, the vet came on Thursday and suggested we put him to sleep, which is what we did, we miss him all so much, he was a big part of the family, Please find attached two pictures of Fergus

Helen Brumpton