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Dear Jess, Debbie and Paul,

An update on Meg, she travelled back with us fine but was unsure about her seat belt until I sat with her.

On arrival at her new home after a walk around the garden during which she managed to say hello to Pete’s invalided wild pigeon (been with us for a year now) by removing a few feathers, (more of a kiss than a bite) she soon made herself at home on one of her beds. First night she cried a little but settled as soon as we went to her, we soon realised if we didn’t go to her the mischief took hold, first a milk jug left out went bang on the floor, our fault. By the end of the first night we had cleared most of the kitchen and she and us slept peacefully.

We have now managed to or rather Meg has managed to clear out our kitchen of any clutter. We have had no problems with food but soon realised she cannot be left with anything that is ours at the moment everything is Meg’s, a battle of wills there, no toilet accidents, she loves her walks.

We took her with us to buy a pet gate for the stairs as she thought it great fun going up but frightened the life out of us coming down, we didn’t want any broken legs.

Over this festive season she met and was fine with all our family, we did put a muzzle on her as Paul suggested until we could see how she went. We staggered the meetings over three days so as not to overwhelm her.

All in all we love her and feel sure she is settling into our family.

Our sincere best wishes to everyone at Fen Bank for the New Year and thank you for our little girl,


Wendy, Peter and Meg, XXXXXXXXXXX