We have owned GRACE for only a week, and its like she have always lived with us, she is just AMAZING. A wonderful Greyhound, why people won’t take on the black dogs –  I just don’t understand this !

She has 20 minute treatment of REIKI each day which she loves ! It’s amazing how animals and children are soothed by Reiki, perhaps all the lovely Greyhounds at the Sanctuary would also be ! It would suit them due to their backgrounds especially.

When I took GRACE to the Promenade she was frightened by the sea! She is better now, and astonished at the TV. The trainer wrote that she doesn’t eat but does eventually! Actually she is very into eating !! And will mischievously take your food when we are not looking ! 

Grace is also very clean in the house and waits by the utility door to go out, she seemed muted at first although still very quiet is now responding with sounds of a growl and bark, which I am pleased about – Grace seems amazed by the many different changes of things that are in the house, she is unable to climb the stairs and really wants to, with time she will,  has to be supervised using a lead also a childs’ safety gate put on the top of the landing to prevent any mishaps and most important of all gets on well with our Dog Prince, who seems to be turning into a Greyhound.

Grace can also be left in the house with Prince alright, when we go out is very good; I think Prince does help her! Altogether GRACE is a gorgeous loving cuddly girl, very slinky and graceful,  and we love her to bits.

Blessings to all at the Sanctuary keep up the good work 

Myra Gwen Broadwell