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Its me Kiki (formally Fifi but my dad refused to go around calling me Fifi he thinks it sounds like a poodle).  I’ve been with my new people for almost 3 months now and I’ve settled in really well, I’ve send you some pictures. As you can see after some initial bickering I realized that the cat was always going to win any arguments and we are now friends, we both have a common interest in bin raiding and sleeping in the most comfortable place we can find. The cat gets it easy though as she’s allowed on the sofa my people say I’m to long to sit on it with them! I really enjoyed the recent snow I got to play in it with my new friend Millie although my mum insisted on me wearing two coats so I didn’t get cold. Millie is really friendly and helping me with my dog aggression and has shown me how to play nicely although she always takes the toys and runs off with them thinking she is faster than a greyhound (!) In return I have been showing her that people like it if your calm but she’s still very bouncy!! My dad insist that all my stuff is red being a Liverpool fan he even gave me his shirt to wear while we watched a game I think it looks quite fetching! I love going every where with my people especially  if it involves the car and I’m now quite well known in the local pub they have a log fire which I enjoy sitting in front of. My mum has been taking me to a dog trainer for some basic obedience training last time we did some agility which I secretly quite enjoyed I like to pretend that I don’t know what she’s asking me and then try and use my greyhound eyes on her but she can see right through me so I have started learning heel, stay and lie down its a lot harder that just running along but apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks! I’m off to Europe for a holiday soon so ill send you some more pictures soon!!

Kiki (with help from Lora Hawkins)