Pedro (Pingo) – 6th July 2004 to 28th August 2012

Pedro exploded into our lives in April 2008. We had just lost Shaun, and Ziggy was depressed. It was love at first sight, the instant they met in the front paddock at the Sanctuary Ziggy was smitten. And so was I. Pedro went on to become the gentlest, sweetest, happiest boy, he enjoyed every minute of his life. He adored his morning walks along the canal, always happy, always positive.

In March last year he started to limp, and was diagnosed with arthritis. He has bravely soldiered on since then, until a couple of weeks ago he started to limp badly on his back right leg. An x-ray revealed the presence of a tumour, and so he was helped to Rainbow Bridge.

Ever since Sandra steered us together he has been the perfect ambassador for greyhounds. He was gentle, loving, and loyal, with a complete absence of aggression or malice. A bit stubborn as well – OK a lot stubborn. But he just wanted to please.

Thank you to everyone for the support you have given us over the last couple of weeks, and to Sandra for introducing us.

But most of all thank you Pedro for being Pedro, our gorgeous boy. We will always love you, we will miss you, and we will never forget you.

Only the good die young.

Alan, Ziggy and Katie Hudson